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Spray painted highway guardrail

Cate: Highway Guardrail

Spray painted highway guardrail Introduction

Spray painted highway guardrail is a semi steel safety protection fence, which is a continuous anti-collision structure with wave shaped horns spliced together and fixed on pillars. Utilize the deformation of anti blocking blocks, columns, beams, and foundations to achieve the effect of absorbing impact forces. It can return the out of control vehicle to its normal driving direction, prevent the vehicle from rushing out of the driving area, achieve the purpose of protecting the vehicle and its personnel, and reduce the severity of accidents.
Spray painted highway guardrails are both rigid and flexible, with a beautiful appearance, and can be used on roads with large bends. Easy to replace damaged parts.
The spray molded highway guardrail has the characteristics of good anti-corrosion effect, sun resistance, aging resistance, and beautiful appearance. Easy and convenient installation, good impact resistance, low cost, long service life, safe and reliable, green and environmentally friendly.
The spray painted highway guardrail adopts dual anti-corrosion treatment, with the interior treated with hot-dip zinc anti-corrosion treatment and the surface treated with spray painted anti-corrosion treatment. Better anti-corrosion effect and longer service life.
There are various types of spray painted colors, commonly including white, green, and dark green.
The spray coating is made of all polyester powder coating, and the electrostatic spray treatment method can perfectly blend the powder with the highway guardrail. The adhesion ability of the spray coating has been tested in multiple aspects, and there has been no peeling or peeling phenomenon of the coating. There will be no cracking even under strong external impact.
The spray painted highway guardrail has undergone corrosion resistance testing with chemical reagents, and there is no bubbling, softening, or loss of adhesion.
In the high-temperature resistance test experiment, there were no phenomena such as wrinkles, expansion, or peeling.
During the brine spray test, there is no rust, blistering, peeling, etc.

Spray painted highway guardrail Images

Spray painted highway guardrail Spray painted highway guardrail Introduction Spray painted highway guardrail Spray painted highway guardrail image

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