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Three wave highway guardrails Traffic Barrier

Cate: Highway Guardrail

Introduction to Three Wave Highway Guardrails

Three wave highway guardrails are currently the best safety protection facilities for collision prevention. Compared to two wave highway guardrails, they have better absorption of impact force and are mainly used in important traffic sections and cliff sections of highways

Specification of Three Wave Highway Guardrail

Let's take a look at the comparison of specifications between two wave highway guardrails and three wave highway guardrails
Specifications: length * width * wave height * thickness
Two wave highway guardrails: 4320mm long; Width 310mm; Wave height 85mm; Plate thickness: 3mm, 4mm;
Three wave highway guardrail: 4320mm long; Width 506mm; Wave height 85mm; Plate thickness: 4mm;
It is not difficult to see from the above specifications that the three wave highway guardrails have a higher protection height, a larger protection area, thicker and heavier selected boards, and stronger and more sturdy columns and other components.
When a large truck in time and space collides with a highway guardrail on a highway, the two waves of highway guardrails may not be able to effectively intercept it. The materials used for the three wave highway guardrails, whether in columns, highway guardrails, anti blocking blocks or other components, are relatively thick and heavy. It can effectively intercept large trucks that are out of control at high speeds.

Three wave highway guardrails images

Three wave highway guardrails Three wave highway guardrails Introduction Three wave highway guardrails Three wave highway guardrails Specification

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