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Hot Dip Galvanized Two wave highway guardrails

Cate: Highway Guardrail

Two wave highway guardrails Introduction

Highway guardrails are the most basic traffic security facilities in highways, and their standards need to be strictly implemented in accordance with international requirements. Highway guardrails can be divided into two waves of highway guardrails and three waves of highway guardrails.
Functional principle of highway guardrails: When subjected to external forces, the deformation of components such as highway guardrail columns and anti blocking blocks can absorb the impact force, protecting the safety of vehicles and drivers
Application site: It is widely used in expressways, bridges, curves, first-class and second-class highway, provincial roads, county roads, scenic spots, rural roads, etc.
Purpose: Safety protection and environmental beautification.

Two wave highway guardrails specifications

The specifications of the two wave highway guardrails are as follows
Two wave highway guardrails: 4320mm long; Width 310mm; Wave height 85mm; Plate thickness: 3mm, 4mm;
Column: 140 * 4.5 * 2150
Anti blocking block: 196 * 178 * 200 * 4.5
Column cap: 140 * 150
Bolt: M16 * 35/M16 * 45/M16 * 170
Shim: 76 * 44 * 4
End: R160 * 4
Material: Q235 high-quality steel plate
Surface coating treatment methods: hot-dip galvanizing, cold galvanizing+spray coating, hot-dip galvanizing+spray coating

Two wave highway guardrails Images

Hot Dip Galvanized Two wave highway guardrails Two wave highway guardrails specifications Two wave highway guardrails Two wave highway guardrails Introduction

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